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a day in the life

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

My co-pilot, Beau, and I walk every morning, near the river. There is a meadow on one of our loops. Two weeks ago today, it looked like this:

This morning:

It is an overcast day, trying to rain a little. I did some garden work after returning from our walk. With the last few very warm days, everything is growing, including the weeds. The lilacs are glorious but I have begun the very big task of getting the dead wood out. Beau loves the bit about picking up sticks but will not carry them to the dumpster for me. Dogs.

In the rock garden , the miniature iris have been blooming a week now. I love this flower in all its forms. This year though, these particular blooms are a little sad. Last year, in April, my mother asked me to give her some for her garden. I promised to  bring them in the Fall when I dug them for thinning. She passed away in July.

They will probably remind me of her and of her love for my gardens for a very long time.

Here is “little rooms: the guardian”, the newest and perhaps next to the last in this series.

full view (11″h x 8″w) detail

**With the rain just beginning, it is off to the studio. There’s a set of landscapes on the wall waiting my attention. Rain is wonderful in the dry climate, and a welcome reason to stay indoors.

Next week I will begin preparing for my upcoming teaching trip. I’ll be in Salt Lake City with the Utah Surface Design Group for five days in early June. After a couple of months at home it will be fun to plan for the workshops. I’m looking forward to the group.


Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

it is another chilly gray morning. After the 60 degrees of Monday (joy!), this is a letdown. SUN is needed.

at least there are color spots where we walk.

this little mixed media piece is one of the things that has reappeared in the last week.

see it and others in gallery 4.

Monday the 15th is the first day of the next on-line class.

Details and registration here.   Idea to Image, Abstracting from Nature.

Yesterday’s adventure with piles of stuff was successful. Not a single pile came back into the office from the living room. Everything was disposed of. No remorse, no second guessing (what was in those notebooks? was it important? maybe…). What a great feeling, clear shelves, a clean desk. This will make work on the new book go much easier.

Today is a studio day, after beau and I walk. yesterday we encountered a fox, and about ten whitetail deer. Who knows what this morning will bring.

river mist

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Tama asked about the two river mist photos. The river does flood when Spring melt-off begins in the high country. The Yellowstone is the longest un-dammed river in the lower 48. Currents shift, banks and channels are re-carved every year. However, the “tan” areas are snow/ice banks, not silt.

here are “corrected” photos. The snow reflects light, and the morning was gold.

On another note, Spring on-line classes will begin on the 15th, check my home page for the link to class information

“a month of mondays”

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Earlier this morning, a friend described February as “the month of 28 Mondays”. Perfect!

This is usually a month that I welcome.  Once it is over, March is here, bringing Spring and all those nice changes. This year Winter has been relentless. Even though this, the shortest month, is nearly done, it seems the ice ruts in the streets are permanent.

The crusty coating on paths I usually walk with the dogs is stuck in a freeze/thaw, freeze/thaw cycle.

We have had more gray days than not. I miss the sun.

The last few weeks have been spent away: a wonderful visit to Berkeley, my first trip to Northern California. It was a delight. Then just enough time at home to repack and off I went to Iowa for the annual retreat.  Driving allowed Beau to go with me. As always, he acquitted himself very nicely, made friends, had a good time. He travels well and is a good companion, helps me maneuver the ice, keep track of everyone and remember to exercise every day. Now I am home until the latter part of March.

Then there’s a workshop in Florida, the Retreat in Colorado Springs and a new Retreat in Ann Arbor, MI. see my schedule page for details.

Right now seems to be time a good opportunity for re-grouping,  pulling in, paying attention.

some photos from this morning’s daybreak:

what  lovely color as the sun rose. Now it is gray again.

Off to walk the dogs and then will spend time setting things in order around here. what a repetitious adventure that is! wouldn’t it be nice to do it once and have it done? where are the pixies???

June 30

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Last week was spent teaching an extended surface technique workshop . We had a group of 8 wonderful people who worked well together, challenged me and each other and in general, had a great time (as evidenced by the fact that the days simply were not long enough !). A few got started on or continued with multi-panel projects. Some focused on hands-in the-stuff production of raw materials.

We began with color work, then set up creative play stations, had some demos on working with transparency as a design element, a demo on stitch issues (using tricky threads) and concluded with a group sharing and discussion.

Here’s a small selection of interesting bits from the workshop:

AA-1 AA-2 monoprinting: a gelatin plate, and bubble wrap

AA-fusedfibers fiber fusion

AA-making-friends with thread AA-stitching

Making friends with thread

AA-sheers-2 AA-monoprints-sheers

mono-printed sheers, hanging to dry

AA-more-mono AA-print AA-more-surfaces AA-ghost

AA-combining-bits AA-3more

various bits, panels and surfaces

AA-shoes AA-shoes2

what I did on Saturday, with a little help from my friends, thanks all!


next post i will add more photos of the raw materials produced, and some links to special artists

For details about Artistic Artifacts, one of my favorite places to teach, please visit this page.

if this is Sunday…

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

… then I must be in Regina CA. Drove all day yesterday, East on 94 then north.

Another wonderful landscape fix. The rock formations around the Missourri are wonderful , the sky immense.

Stopped in Froid. In between the Saloon and the Library were two  little guys with a refreshment stand. Now Froid isn’t that big. I asked what they had.

“Well, our asign isnt very big so we invented the words.

‘kristys’ are rice krispie treats, ‘ice cones are flavored ice cubes, ‘branies’ are brownies.”

I ordered a branie. They had change (I didn’t need that ) they didn’t have napkins but could maybe borrow some from the saloon. That’s ok, I had my own.

On the front of the Bar was a sign that said

“It will be a good day when education is funded and the Forest Service has to hold a bake sale to buy a new pick up truck.”
I got a hoto but you’ll have to wait – no way to download until I am home again.

Today’s class is “the color of light”. Off to prepare supplies to be transported hither and yon.

Hudson River Valley Worksop

Monday, May 11th, 2009

We are here! we made thae drive quite well. Between Beau and Becky, I had the help and company I needed for this cross country drive.

So far Becky has taken all the photos, but I promise to either link to her blog, or get my own photos up.

The last time i was here it was winter. Now, the ancient lilac is about to burst into full flower. The studio is slowly filing with people’s materials and tools…. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

and now I better go plug this computer in to get a good charge so I can upload photos.

heading east

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Saturday, South Bend Indianna. We are travelling well. Chose not to stay at the Cat Nap Inn, assuming they were not “dog friendly” and we already had a reservation elsewhere, although we wish we had stopped for photos. Maybe onthe way out of town.

Tomorow we will be Greenville, there will be time for catching up.

Beau travels well, has learned about rest areas , gas stations, and elevators. He hates elevators.

I am looking excited about  the class at Greenville Arms and have lots of new experimental approaches to share. If you’ve been on the fence, it’s time to take the leap and join us for a week of Mark and Kim’s hospitality, endless studio time in a great environment…


Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

what an amazing several days it has been!

Learning about Insurance laws in Montana, negotiating for what I want/need with people who do not really care, (to be fair, it is the property loss people who don’t care, they wanted and got immediate settlement; the health and so forth people, OTOH have been great). The Insurance Commissioners Office has been fabulous, answering my questions and some I didn’t ask, giving me information I needed, and reminding me to keep track of all of this, so that when the “pain and suffering” issue comes up, I have anecdotal documentation if nothing else.

My primary care doc is great! she gave me a prescription for daily massages (and one of my students next week just happens ot be a massage therapist!).

I feel like I’ve lost a week. Still need to pack for next week’s workshop at Greenville Arms – need to check my list, see where i am and get on with it. I begin the drive tomorrow, will stop along the way to see friends and family, and am picking up a “Studio Assistant” on Thursday.

this is all good but only if I am packed.


PLEASE: wear your seatbelts. Drive vehicles that have airbags. Be a defensive driver, do NOT turn in front of someone who has the right of way, especially if you are talking on a cell phone. Pay attention.

If I’d been going 3 miles an hour faster or not wearing my seat belt or in a vehicle without airbags, I would not be typing right now.

photos? not today.

Be careful out there. Watch out for the idiots and don’t be one!


Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Today is the 3rd of May. The last time i posted, I was getting ready for the Mixed Media Retreat in Colorado. That event will repeat next Spring! It is wonderful- a peaceful facility, quiet rooms, good studio space. It is very affordable, and the participants this year were a dream: friendly, generous with each other, interested in growing and exploring. Check it out, registration will be limited and I wouldn’t be surprised if it fills early.

Contact Liz for information on next year’s Textile Evolution Retreat.

I enjoyed the piles of snow we got that weekend, the dogs loved it. It was equally satisfying to come home to a yard full of blooms. I anticipate lilacs and crabapple blooms later this week. (the weeds are growing well too <G>)

Now I am preparing for the Retreat at Greenville Arms – Hudson River Valley Retreat. It’s a great place to teach. I think we have a few available spots.

I had hoped to drive this year. Much depends on things beyond my control…. My car was totaled in a traffic accident Wednesday afternoon. The other person’s Ins. Co. has to approve the extended time for the rental.

This is the first time I have been behind the wheel when an accident occurred.

If I can drive, it will be easier to take everything I want or might need to introduce the new materials and techniques… we should know by noon tomorrow. Meanwhile I am preparing what I can, given the combination of meds for pain etc. I’ll see the ortho tomorrow for follow-up.

If I have to fly, well that should be interesting <G>.

I am behind with posting the new work to website and blog – 3 days have been spent in a fog and sleeping a lot.

meanwhile, here’s a teaser for you: I am working 3 dimensionally, with natural objects and translucent fibers. it is fun! more soon.