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Mid June news

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012







This afternoon was spent with more cleaning and sorting in the studio. Will it ever end? I’ve uploaded some small, older pieces to Gallery 4. They are more in keeping with the work in fiber that most of you know me for.  As a reminder, my MayDazed Sale ends on the 15th. On the 16th, things go back up to their retail value. If you are in a location other than the US and want something, let me know and we will work out the Customs/shipping issues!

I’m about at the point of stuffing things in boxes and participating in a Flea Market Sale. This sorting, ironing and so forth is taking time away from the gardens and from the new work I need to be doing.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. I am missing Michael. All this clearing out has been therapeutic, if time consuming but it does seem to go on and on. I am finding wonderful stuff in the tool shed now that the major clearing has been done: wooden boxes, rusty keys, interesting bits of who knows what… All vintage, all probably updated with electronic tools by now – but aesthetically lovely. What to do with these things?.

Let’s get the clearing out done with, fix what needs fixing and get on with the outdoor work! There are shrubs to prune, weeds to pull and perennials that did not survive 2011 to replace.






My walking buddy, Ken, keeps a blog about the island and our dogs. His writing is as good as his photos. You might enjoy seeing some of Beau’s buddies, and a very good picture of  Beau as well.

This morning, Beau, Karen and I walked in a different area along the river. It was quiet, no other dogs or people.  Neiki and Beau are a good match and quiet friends, but likely to burst into wild running at any given moment. Fortunately they both have “off buttons”.  Along the way Karen and I cleaned up fishing line (dangerous to the birds as well as the dogs) and a mile into the walk found a still smouldering campfire, complete with beer cans: emptied, half emptied and full. We cleaned it all up but I must admit to being irritated at the disrespect for the Park.

The River is still running high but it was a lovely morning and Beau had good opportunities to swim. Neiki wades.

Tomorrow I will upload a memorial song for Michael on our anniversary, have a quiet day with my dog and dinner with a friend. Friday is the beginning of my new year.

Please join me in marking a significant new beginning.

all best, laura



May Dazed!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Thank you all for your comments and inquiries. There were some glitches, but for right now the “may dazed sale” pieces are on Gallery 4.  We all know the old adage about the last minute don’t we?

Prices will fluctuate and new things will be added from now until the June 15, after that, I am hoping to get back to a regular listing of new work. Right now, these things need new homes. Maybe you will find something you like and snatch it up before someone else does <G>.

The Museletter is back, let me know if you’d like to subscribe. It may be a few days before the proper links are on my Home page and elsewhere.

I hope that May has been good to you and that June is even better.

out of hibernation?

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

It’s been a long, cold Winter but there are signs that with the Equinox, the season is truly shifting. Along the river, waterfowl are pairing up, the river runs open now, color has come up in the red twig willows. in my garden, a few shrubs are making leaf buds. Most noticeable is the lengthening daylight. we have begun mucking out the gardens, raking back the mulch. Tulip and daffodil spears are up. Hooray the little greenies! Happy Spring to you!

In the studio: two of the newest collages, now available on gallery 4.

more coming as I can get them photographed.


The Sketchbook Challenge is being a lot of fun. So many approaches to the sketchbook, to the page, to the act of keeping track. Are you participating? There are interesting challenges, lots of tutorials, and prizes!



in the studio

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

For the past several days I have been creating raw materials using my “fusion technique” (in search of a name.)

First, the wall, with everything pinned up.

below:  Two out of three panels, each 32″ h x 20″ w.

Some culling of units and some organizing of space is beginning to take place here.

Two close views.Materials include: painted silk chiffon,  tea bag paper, filter cloth, paper, scraps, mystery fabric, hand dyed cottons, exposed batting and more. Text is going in with the ink jet printer, found text and hand script.

and a third.  In this one, Egg tempera has been added along with stitch, leaves, various layers of translucent materials.

The piece is beginning to make itself known to me. I can see where the space wants to be divided, how edges will be handled and more. What is unclear is the amount of embroidery that will go in and how. Found object? Probably. There’s a bowl beginning to fill… it’s an interesting process and is reminding me of the work on the “little rooms” series.

Lots of layering of image, thought, memory. we’ll see what happens next, eh?

and now it is Friday

Friday, July 9th, 2010

again? still? some weeks feel as though every day is a Monday. This has been one of them.

We enjoyed some cooler weather on the heels of very hot days. This made working in the gardens a top priority. Once we get into triple digits the task becomes watering and weeding, thinning, trimming, pruning go on hold until it is cool enough to enjoy being outdoors. Or, if not enjoy, then at least tolerate. I did not get everything done that was on my list, but a huge dent was made. This is a good thing.

One of my soft spots is the “volunteer seedlings”. It is difficult to pull them until I see what colors the columbine are for example. The standard yellow/red blooms can be pulled but what if the purple and white ones were! horrors… I’d much prefer to have them in the paths until a fair decision can be made.

It’s the same thing with the hollyhocks, a sentimental favorite in the “cottage garden”. The deep reds are elusive, the pale pinks ubiquitous. Once it is clear what color a given  plant will flower out, then I can remove it or let it stay.

A few years ago I planted black hollyhocks. They should flower this year.

While doing all the ruthless thinning and weeding this week, thoughts of editing were roiling about. How is this garden work similar to editing in the studio? Not everything that grows can be left in place. There would be too much competition for available light, water and nutrients. Not every idea or attempt in the studio sees the light of day. Some things go away before pen is taken to paper, paint to canvas, needle to cloth. Others pieces are started, a process or an idea is worked through and the work is edited out, leaving room for the challenging task of making something new, learning abut the concept, exploring the image.

Lately I have been working to deadlines, something avoided for the last several years. My preference is to make the work that is waiting to be made and when an invitation or entry opportunity presents itself, pull from the completed and available pieces. It is a challenge right now to have faith that the pieces in process will not require editing out, weeding from the path, culling…

morning details

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Mosquito season is still in full swing. This makes it challenging to stop for photos too often. The little buzzing things swarm any still, warm blooded creature. Nonetheless, here are some things that caught my eye this morning.

We used to call this “snake grass”. Is the dark area a mold of some sort or is it the seed… I didn’t cross the fence or stop long enough to find out. Tomorrow perhaps.

The wheat grasses are looking wonderful – the texture is so interesting.

Milkweed, the preferred food of Monarch Butterflies is in flower now. In the next week we should be seeing the butterflies. Wouldn’t it be great to get good photos of them feeding!  As always, the Russian Olives fascinate me. They are done flowering now. I miss that fragrance. The trees are full of birds and song.

The question, “How do these observations affect your art?” has come my way recently.

There is no easy answer.

How does what you see affect your art?

heading toward the Solstice

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

My trip to Salt lake City was wonderful. What a lovely group, a friendly city, wonderful landscape driving.

On the drive I saw: pelicans in flight along the Snake River, cranes grazing, eagles and osprey nesting, tourists cycling. And now, back in my familiar landscape, the Russian Olives are blooming and fragrant.

Beau and I walk in the mornings near the pond

The gardens are lush with all the rain, trees in full leaf; Spring color has held well this year. With some sun and warmth, the peonies will bloom…. Meanwhile the white iris and centaurea are still providing joy.

Studio work goes on with shipping deadlines looming and new ideas waiting their time.

More photos soon Robyn, I promise!

at play in the garden, at work in the studio

Monday, April 12th, 2010

It is still quite cool here, but a few things are growing.

ms. ella, potted

exotic tulips

Beau, at play

Ms. Ella, another view.

I think planting a “bottle tree” is next. I’ve seen them in Berkeley CA, and photos of a similar species from New Orleans. Will they grow in Montana? What about the plated silver plants? hmmm….

and in the studio!!! I uncovered more than a dozen full sheets of cotton rag water color paper, unmarked! oh frabjous day!

Here are two works on paper, now up on gallery 4 (where the spring cleaning sale continues)

origins and origins II

mixed media on paper…water color, oil pastel, graphite…

I’m ready to begin again.

river mist

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Tama asked about the two river mist photos. The river does flood when Spring melt-off begins in the high country. The Yellowstone is the longest un-dammed river in the lower 48. Currents shift, banks and channels are re-carved every year. However, the “tan” areas are snow/ice banks, not silt.

here are “corrected” photos. The snow reflects light, and the morning was gold.

On another note, Spring on-line classes will begin on the 15th, check my home page for the link to class information

“a month of mondays”

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Earlier this morning, a friend described February as “the month of 28 Mondays”. Perfect!

This is usually a month that I welcome.  Once it is over, March is here, bringing Spring and all those nice changes. This year Winter has been relentless. Even though this, the shortest month, is nearly done, it seems the ice ruts in the streets are permanent.

The crusty coating on paths I usually walk with the dogs is stuck in a freeze/thaw, freeze/thaw cycle.

We have had more gray days than not. I miss the sun.

The last few weeks have been spent away: a wonderful visit to Berkeley, my first trip to Northern California. It was a delight. Then just enough time at home to repack and off I went to Iowa for the annual retreat.  Driving allowed Beau to go with me. As always, he acquitted himself very nicely, made friends, had a good time. He travels well and is a good companion, helps me maneuver the ice, keep track of everyone and remember to exercise every day. Now I am home until the latter part of March.

Then there’s a workshop in Florida, the Retreat in Colorado Springs and a new Retreat in Ann Arbor, MI. see my schedule page for details.

Right now seems to be time a good opportunity for re-grouping,  pulling in, paying attention.

some photos from this morning’s daybreak:

what  lovely color as the sun rose. Now it is gray again.

Off to walk the dogs and then will spend time setting things in order around here. what a repetitious adventure that is! wouldn’t it be nice to do it once and have it done? where are the pixies???