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…to blog about part two!

Friday, May 18th, 2012

  Mr. Handsome and I walk every morning along the river. The water is high now  and peak run off may be about to begin. The traditional marker for this is the blooming of wild roses. They have just begun. This has been such a strange Spring, weather-wise, that who knows, anything can happen.

Watching the Osprey, Eagles and all the smaller birds is a delight. Daily, we see a huge Bull Snake. Beau is mystified when it disappears.

Here’s Beau, enjoying the view through the newly installed French Door.


We are moving into the very beginning of Gardening Season in my part of Montana. The weather has been alternately very hot (85), quite cool (40) or raining , as it is today. In between watering the weeds and pulling some, not much is happening in the gardens. I had intended to plant the scarlet runner beans and sunflowers today, and may yet, if the weather clears.

The primary focus  has been on the house improvements and promising myself and others, to reopen my Etsy Shop, begin the now very late MayDazed Sale and trying to maintain what passes for sanity as I move into Year Two as a person without a partner. We never quite know how much our partners actually DO until they are not doing it. <G>

Right now, all the sheet rock dust is cleaned up, the floors are mopped and the space is being restored as a place to  live and use. I love the change and am glad the work is nearing completion.

The State of the French Door:

  This is what we see (looking North East) as we come in through the South facing front door. The cats love it. The light is wonderful.

You may not be able to see the Russian Iris, 3 feet tall and purple but they are lovely and aromatic.  The arbor was originally built for privacy, for the birds and for grapes. Alas, the grapevines are dead now. I have to decide what to replace them with. This year, for quick growth and color, it will be scarlet runner beans, attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds, but for the long haul, perhaps clematis.

FWIW, the blinds are “temporary shades”,  accordian folded Tyvek shades, sold at the Box Store Home Improvement places. They block heat but allow light. Thanks to Sarah and Bob for introducing me to them !

Looking South East, you can see the “living fence”: Silverlace Vine, aka Polygonum, aka  “mile-a-minute”. <G>. I am training it again this year to cover a curved arch over the side gate and will aim for all season visual interest combined with privacy. It’s a daily exercise, going out and braiding or twining the vines.

The workers, my current  heroes, will be here this weekend to finish the exterior work, weather permitting (crossed fingers for us all!).

As you can see, I am not re-painting the inside walls and ceiling yet. That can wait. My next priority is updating Gallery Four and the Etsy Shop so we can begin sending the new work into the world.

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

what’s new?

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Here are some new images for you.

I’ve been carving into wood, combining it with other materials and making a mess. Who knows where this will lead.


These are all 5 x 5 ” on museum wrapped canvas. The depth varies from 1.5″ to about 2″ depending on the objects attached.



another view

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

It’s definite: the tripod stays accessible, no more hiding in closet corners.

For more information on the images, please visit Gallery 4.

and stay tuned: web updating is finally in process!

thanks for your patience with me as I’ve navigated the last few years.

new work

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


text and details to follow, more images and links to gallery 4 after my coffee is refreshed, the dog is run and the camera battery charged. Wouldn’t you know, one settles in to work seriously, but a few details are missing. stay tuned.

a must see

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011


I am inspired and moved by this work.



seasons change

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Here’s a quick tour of the treehouse/cabin [AKA, my studio in the mountains] for you, as promised so long ago.

Perhaps you can tell it is a work in process, and maybe you can see why we call it the treehouse.

These photos were taken the last time I was there, two weeks ago. Arriving Wednesday, the weather was good and the light wonderful. That was the night of the full moon, the “Hunter’s Moon”. Sadly, by moonrise, the wind was howling and the sky clouded over. I did hear owls calling. There was a brief hour or so when the moon was out, huge and brilliant. Thursday was a good day for moving/stacking wood and mostly working inside.



Friday morning, the 14th, there was a dusting of snow. It turned to rain, to fog, back to snow. The question was, stay for the full weekend and get more work done, or bail out, leaving things for next year when it is accessible again. Common sense prevailed.



Of course, by the time I got onto paved road 2500′ lower, the sun came out and it was a lovely golden October day.

Several pieces in process came home with me: wood forms that I have been chipping away at, and deciding how to mount.


Working with the dry wood is definitely a “subtractive process” and messy. No stray threads, lots of dust. A dedicated space has to be created now that the chilly days are here.

out of hibernation?

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

It’s been a long, cold Winter but there are signs that with the Equinox, the season is truly shifting. Along the river, waterfowl are pairing up, the river runs open now, color has come up in the red twig willows. in my garden, a few shrubs are making leaf buds. Most noticeable is the lengthening daylight. we have begun mucking out the gardens, raking back the mulch. Tulip and daffodil spears are up. Hooray the little greenies! Happy Spring to you!

In the studio: two of the newest collages, now available on gallery 4.

more coming as I can get them photographed.


The Sketchbook Challenge is being a lot of fun. So many approaches to the sketchbook, to the page, to the act of keeping track. Are you participating? There are interesting challenges, lots of tutorials, and prizes!



a ONE day event!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Tomorrow is the ONE auction! All details and previews can be found here

100% of the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.

Remember, it is a one day only event.

thanks for supporting the cause.

seems like only yesterday

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Two more for ONE.

I made and donated five collages for this fundraiser. The auction will take place February 16, the day after my dear Michael’s birthday. This cause is becoming very personal for many of the artists, self included.

Here are the last two of my five images.

“little rooms: hidden”                                “little rooms: two lane highway”

For details and for a preview, please visit

You can read Virginia’s interview with me at


January  is winding down but it seems just a little while ago that it was a new month, the last post went up, plans were being made for so many things… what is there to say. I had good intentions but not as much discretionary time/energy as anticipated.

It has been cold and dismal and also very busy. Life is about to get busier yet. On Monday I head to Iowa for my annual workshop retreat. I am not packed but am very excited. It is a great core group. We’ve been working together for 4 or 5, perhaps 6 years, depending on where we start to count. This year the experimental focus will be on integrating acrylic mediums and gels with fiber and mixed media… fun stuff! The studio focus will be on what the participants are exploring. I can’t wait to see what has been happening this last while.

The Sketchbook Challenge is becoming an amazing experience! Are you participating?
My theme goes up February 1, along with random thoughts and suggestions. I do hope you will join us.

It does not seem right to sign off without giveing the  four leggeds their space.

Beau and Sam, last week on a morning walk, the river, the Apsaroka Range.

more for ONE

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Instead of responding to all your comments, I’ll post. Thanks for stopping in! thank you for the wonderful response to the collages! The “maps” are from a book of nautical references and star charts, copied onto card stock or lutradur, then used in the collages. The paper in the book is wonderful. perhaps I’ ll start using it soon, meanwhile I am still squeamish about altering a book. Silly but true.

here’s another of my collages for ONE:

little rooms: passage