august 22

for Debi

It’s going to be a busy week: packing for back to back Retreats (Fabrications, then Textile Evolution), trying to leave the house and gardens in order, taking care of all the end of month/ beginning of month stuff and more. The studio work is making sense to me again, just in time to leave it <G>. In years past, I’d leave something in process on the wall for an easy re-entry on my return. This time, I am taking the work with me. We’ll see how that goes.

At Textile Evolution, we’ll be focusing on creating   surfaces with mixed media. This new work excites me to the point I wonder if I am headed back to where I began: painting, drawing, collage and what role the stitch will play in any of it.

The pull toward tall folding screens was the impetus behind exploring these transparent surfaces. I have yet to actually begin building the screens but the cottonwood roots for the uprights are waiting.

This Fall, after the teaching trips are done, there will be time and room to dedicate to exploring those ideas. Meanwhile, play, explore, learn and play some more is being a good mode for the studio time.

a detail from “mapping memory, B” (in process), one of the  32″ x 20″ panels shown earlier. Media: packing paper, painted silk organza, rice paper, tea bag paper and cotton on exposed cotton batt, mounted on Peltex.

Here’s a newly finished “little rooms” piece titled, “Telling Stories”. The decision remains whether or not to mount it on painted stretched canvas. Its’ a small piece and the presentation matters. We’ll see what happens tonight.

The air is filled with smoke and ash from a wildfire burning 50 miles out of town. It began yesterday afternoon and is uncontained.  Fire season started late this year. Otherwise, it is a glorious Summer weekend, if hot and dry. Perfect beach weather. Alas, there’s no ocean in easy driving distance.

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