artist, working

…or “working artist”. which fits? These days it is the former: Artist, working.

What does that look like? Sometimes it looks like researching materials, tools, processes, ideas. Sometimes it involves putting the gleanings from research to use in some way. At other times it means being elbow deep in the stuff, scraps of whatever all over the place as a new image comes into being. Jars of paintbrushes and other mark making tools mingle on the table with scissors, scraps of foil, jars of beads. Exotic papers and various mystery fabrics combine in piles here and there. The work wall holds a melange of pieces parts, waiting to coalesce in some  fashion.

Every once in a while, “artist, working” means the person in question seems to be standing around looking blank, lost in thought, generally unavailable.

I try to take my pondering out of the house/studio. Morning walks are great.

The air, the movement, the slow dawning of the day calm me, quiet my mind and yet, fill me with inspiration.

My companion in these excursions reminds me to stay present, to be aware of each moment.

“Where will we go today?”

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  1. Laura says:

    will you and Scooter join us as we wander/wonder?

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