Where I have been, some of what I have been doing.


Friday the 7th I flew to Cleveland to tape a segment for QA TV. My plane got in at 4:30 pm. At 6 pm the cab dropped me off at the wrong hotel! After a long day in airports and planes, that was not a relaxing experience. By 7 pm, thanks to the kind people at the Hilton, I was at the correct hotel and unpacking. Off to the set at 7:15 the next morning. It was great to see Wendy Richardson, to meet Pam Rubert and several others and absolutely amazing to be behind the scenes of a television production. [but somewhat ironic, I don’t even watch television!]



Here’s one view of some of the set with equipment. For a view of the complete set (and more info about the show) go to:

At 9:30 it was off to see Karen, the make-up artist. There are EYES behind my glasses. oh my. It was an unusual feeling to have so much weight on my skin, but almost balanced the manicure I had to get in preparation for this adventure. More about that later. Pam taped first, then Pokey and I did a segment in her on-set studio, then we taped my segment about the process of making one of my accordion books.

The crew was great to work with: very efficient, organized and laid back, all at the same time. Watching the editing out of little problems in various segments was fascinating.

group3.jpg Here are some of the group that taped on Saturday: moi, Pam Rubert, Wendy Richardson and our charming hostess, Pokey Bolton. I didn’t get photos of the others: Mary Ann Tipple and Michelle Wright. It would have been fun to be there every day to see how other segments came together. You can read about the experiences of Frances Alford, Lesley Riley and Judy Perez on their blogs.

Preparing for this adventure took a while. It was necessary to do step-outs of the key stages in building one of my accordion books. This was a challenge for me and a great opportunity to pay attention to my process – that’s usually below the surface of consciousness.

As challenging and much more stressful was the preparation for taping. The producer was very specific about clothes. NO black, no white. Aack. I live in black and white. Then there was the matter of the manicure. Off I went to the salon where my hair is cut. The manicure was scheduled for late Thursday – late enough that my packing would be done, late enough that I would not be tempted to go work in the garden. Right. I didn’t even get out the door of the salon without needing a repair to the nails. Still, they did look nice. Regular salon manicures are not in my future, however. Here it is, a week later and due to the rigors of hauling luggage, gardening and studio work, that lovely manicure is shot. It’s probably too late to change my ways.

From Cleveland I flew to Florida for a workshop with a small fiberarts group. They were great! We worked hard, laughed a lot and they made wonderful things. What could be better? Wednesday I flew home.

It’s golden September now. The colors are beginning to shift, afternoons are warm, nights are cool and the light is magic.

I’m home for a while. more soon.

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  1. Jane Davila says:

    How cool! I can’t wait to see your episode. And I totally empathize about the manicure .

  2. PaMdora says:

    Hi Laura, It was fun being with you in Cleveland. Your group photo turned out much better than mine in the green room. But I’ll send you a photo of the lunch room! Can’t wait to see your TV segment for real.

  3. Laura says:

    hi Jane, thanks for dropping in! The manicure is a thing of the past, all gone now. Viewing the QA show is in the future… meanwhile here it is today and I am in the studio ALL day long.

    PaMdora, It was great meeting you and Russ, and seeing your wonderful work in the cloth! hope our paths cross again.

  4. Shelley says:

    I can’t wait to see the episodes of QA TV! Can you tell me more about when they will be released, what station to look for, etc.? I am a huge fan of QA! I wouldn’t want to miss it.

    Thank you so much,


  5. Laura says:

    hi Shelley, as far as we know, it goes into distribution to PBS stations in December. i’m sure that the QA site and blog will have details when the time comes.

  6. Kyle Forman says:

    Hi Laura,

    I came across the info. on the Quilt Arts TV on the Quilt Arts website. I do hope it is on our PBS station here in Billings. I’ll call just to make sure and urge them to air if they aren’t planning to. There are so many wonderful and talented quilters here that I can’t imagine them not having it. I love your creativity and quilts. I’m just starting to do a little more quilting as time permits.
    Namaste, Kyle Forman

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