november 21???

Going into Thanksgiving week, we are enjoying balmy weather! So far only one little snowfall here at 4200′, but lots of snow icing the high country. My “gardens” all succumbed to heavy frost about a month ago, right on time. Next year’s plans include more native wildflowers and (heaven help us all) I’m considering some chickens and a couple of geese. yikes! The four colonies of honey bees are thriving. They seem to do well in the super insulated horizontal hives. I love the free form comb they build. Next year (assuming they winter well), we will take some honey.


Some of you have been following the saga with my sister. Today’s update: we may not be able to bring her here from another state. The paperwork and transfer (or not) of benefits is not conducive. It may also be she could not physically make the trip.

I will continue doing what I can. we’ll see.

Take away for some of you:

  1. Have your recommended screenings. Most of these cancers can be dealt with, assuming early detection.

2. Get or be an advocate! Hospice is wonderful. Not everyone has family or partners. You might need an advocate someday. You might have a chance to be one now. It is a good thing to do. Meanwhile, support Hospice where you live.

3. Fight for the continuation of Medicare and SSI and some form of the ACA. It does not take much for medical expenses to ruin even a reasonably comfortable household.

ok. that’s the personal stuff <G>> My website is being updated. Turns out there’s a lot of new work! hooray. I didn’t think that was true.

here’s a teaser:



be well. be kind when you can.

please keep in touch.

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