and now it is 12/1

We’ve enjoyed sub zero temps the last few days but there is some snow. Deer have been as close to the front door as I, but they don’t come in the house. They are enjoying the last of the herbs: parsley, thyme, marjoram. Some snapdragons…. it’s cool but the dogs object for some reason.

New work is on the walls and under the needle. We’ll see. Right now it is not ready to share.

There is current work in Billings at the Toucan (Billings) and in Helena at the Studio Art Gallery.

My Billings house is scheduled to close the 14th (wish me luck!!! I don’t want a continued rental),

In sadder news,  my sister is probably on her way out these next few weeks. I wish her smooth passage, and am so very sad for her.

Hold your loved ones close and have your screenings! Folks! so much of this is treatable with early detection.



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