What day is it?

It is Spring on the edge of the Rockies! We get a little snow or rain overnight and next day, new green colors! Grape Hyacinth blooming, bees on dandilions, shrubs and trees beginning to leaf out. The blue birds are gathering their nesting materials, several mystery birds are here on a regular basis now, the honey bees are active. The Sandhill Cranes are nesting, Eagles sitting on eggs.

(7 )10 day old chicks are happily chirping away in a brooder pen in the dining room, just under my seedling table. They will eat from my hand now. Zooey took the “leave it” quite seriously and will not let Stella (the cat) near the chick pen! We’ll see what happens later, but it’s our intention that Zooey, a herding breed, regard them as “Hers”. (We will also have appropriate predator proof penning outside when it’s time.) I still fantasize about having a pair of geese for her but that’s a long shot .

On a different note: What a beginning to this year! One of my sisters died New Year’s Day (expected, difficult anyway).
Jeff and I both had the Flu in January. He recovered quickly, I spent an additional 2 weeks on antibiotics. February was a blur but we did get the hardwood floor installed. Hooray!

First week of March we got the call that Jeff’s mom was in ICU: Off to Colorado within the hour. We were with her and the entire family when she passed, at peace and aglow with love and loving.
Came home, went back the next week for her services.
Came home again and two days later, we were both ill as was the entire Colorado branch of the family. Flu B.
Jeff was out of commission for several days. I ended up in the hospital with flu, pneumonia and several domino effects. I am still “flat”. It is not easy or fun. It’s been a few weeks now: lots of meds, lots of tests, regular blood work: there is no magic bullet. It’s getting difficult to maintain a sense of humor, although anything that concludes with the statement “pretty good for a woman your age” makes me laugh. . The chickies were/are my mental health fix

All of this is giving me cause to reflect on relationships, on community, on the balances I work toward in my life. Since I’ve been ill, social contact has been minimal – I have not been contagious for a while but have zero energy and no desire to pick up a bug and I miss my peeps!

This has made me realize how out of touch I have become with long term, deeply valued friendships and professional cohorts. I am so sorry! We take these things for granted and maybe think Social Media stands in.
It really does not. Fair to note however that many of us were so disheartened by the after effects of the elections that our energies have been elsewhere???

To you all, my apologies for not keeping properly in touch. Life changes, sometimes it is challenging, but you know who you are, friends of my heart. Be well. Do your work in the world. Know you are loved and appreciated.

drop a note or two and let me know how YOU are!!!

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