Filter Cloth and Tea Bag Paper

Filter Cloth

(Shown photographed on black , It is an all white surface)

spun polymide, irregular surface.

Stamp, paint, print, stitch, fuses beautifully

*Use press sheet on both top and bottom of the filter cloth, either parchment paper or Teflon!

Fuse to other surfaces using a lightweight product such as Misty Fuse.

Tea Bag Paper

This is the paper that tea bags are made of! It has a regular surface with a perforated pattern.

It is delicate, yet strong, flexible and takes color beautifully! Stamp, print, transfer, stitch, collage… what else can you do?

To run through your ink jet printer it must be lightly adhered to a carrier sheet.

This could be freezer paper, assuming your printer handles it.

Sulky Totally Stable (similar to freezer paper but more pliable)

or a mailing label that has been used previously (the Tea Bag paper does not like heavy adhesives)

Stamp, stencil or screen print using any usual methods but a light and touch. It can help to weight the edges of the tea bag paper before working with it.

Paint or stain – Be sure to place a blotter underneath the tea bag paper.

Fuse to other surfaces using a lightweight product such as Misty Fuse.

Be sure to use a press sheet on top and bottom of the paper (teflon or parchment paper).

As you work with these materials you will learn their limitations and discover other possibilities for their use.

these products will be available on my “store” page later this Spring..