Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff
[all the products have instruction sheets with their packaging; this is a brief reminder and not intended to substitute for the ‘official’ instructions for use.]

Fine Fuse     distributed by Quilter’s Resource – ask your local quilt shop
Misty Fuse (by Iris Karp) and Stitch Witchery (available in chain stores)
*    These are fine spun nylon, smooth surfaced, good for all sorts of applications. Great for using with lightweight fabrics and some sheers.
*    Always use a Press Sheet: Teflon or Parchment Paper work well
*    Iron temperatures vary, but a “Wool” setting is recommended. Press times vary, depending on the materials.
*    Applique can be made using press sheet: Press Fusible to wrong side of fabric, remove press sheet, cut applique to size, fuse to surface of work in process.

Steam-a-Seam 2    –
*    Double sided, repositionable fusible. Heavier than Fine Fuse or Wonder Under, but great for times when you are designing as you go. Good for “fussy cut” applique.
*    Repositionable until ironed, then is permanent.
*    Not a good choice for sheer fabrics.

Bo-Nash 007 Bonding Agent     – Powdered Fusible.
*    Use press sheet on both top and bottom of project
*    Amount of powder required will depend on the job but a little goes a long way
*    Useful for a variety of applications; useful for sheers and for applying Angelina Fibers, Foils, Rose petals! to other surfaces

Surfaces and Fibers
Handmade Papers and cloth get along beautifully!  Experiment, play, find the materials you like.

Lutradur – Will be available on my web store ( after April 30. Also available through available through, and
Spun polymide, translucent, cuts clean, takes color and stitch beautifully.
This a good surface for certain types of digital photography (back with stabilizer such as Sulky Totally Stable, Freezer paper or the paper backing from full size mailing labels before sending through the printer).

Soil Separator cloth – found in home improvement stores in the plumbing department, sometimes in garden centers. Will be available in one and two yard cuts on my website after April 30.
Stamp, paint, dye, stitch: can be fused to other surfaces.

Hot Fix Angelina Fibers  bond to themselves
*    Use press cloth top and bottom and be careful of the heat
*    Bond to other surfaces using Bo-Nash or Fine Fusible

Sheers  are available in the formal wear department of fabric stores. Fun and fabulous but be aware of fiber content. Many are nylon/poly and have a low threshold for heat.

Unspun wool and silk roving –  lots of possibilities for using these. Try combining with Angelina, layering with sheers, couching down – or?

Tea bags – need we say more? <G>

Color – in addition to the “found” color available in cloth, color can be altered, mixed, applied in many ways:

*    Water soluble oil pastels
*    Water color pencils
*    Interference paints (acrylic based)
*    Acrylic Paints
*    Acrylic Mediums can be mixed with paint or water to help make the pigments permanent when applied to cloth. I like a 10:1 ratio (water to medium) but you may prefer a different mix.
*    Acrylic Inks
*    Pigment based inks, Pigma pens